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The story of an incredible family saga. From a regional pharmaceutical laboratory to a world leader in animal health.

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The story of Vetoquinol began behind a pharmacy in the town of Lure in eastern France where Joseph Frechin produced his human pharmaceutical products. In 1933, to help a chemist friend, he bought a stock of 4 tonnes of oxyquinoline, an antiseptic used in human medicine. This visionary move marked the beginning of a family and entrepreneurial destiny.

He then had the idea of using the antiseptic properties of oxyquinoline to treat... animals. Calling on his father, Charles, a well-known veterinarian in the region, to test his product. It was a complete success, an extremely effective remedy for treating several diseases. This medicine, called "Vetoquinol", was then marketed in various forms such as soluble tablets, gels, and ointments.

After the Second World War, the agricultural sector had to reconstitute livestock to feed the population. Farmers could only achieve this goal with the help of veterinary care.

In 1962, the company expanded and added a veterinary department called Vetoquinol to its pharmaceutical activities. At that time more than 80 people were working for this entity.

In 1963, Etienne Frechin, son of Joseph, joined the company to take charge of its development. A visionary, he gave new momentum to the company, which expanded internationally. He consolidated Vetoquinol's activities in Magny- Vernois, a village near Lure, France. The company then had 100 employees and continued to grow. Vetoquinol quickly established a network of subsidiaries covering all five continents.

In April 2001, Matthieu Frechin joined his father's company and became Vetoquinol's CEO in 2010. He now represents the 3rd generation of Frechin’s at the helm of the company! Joseph's intuition and Etienne's global vision, combined with Matthieu's energy and boldness, have made the company a major player in animal health.

The family's objective was to maintain its independence, keep its main activity in Lure and continue its long-term growth. Managed by a family shareholding the company combines agility and speed thanks to its human size and strong values rooted in entrepreneurial drive, innovation, and team spirit.

In 2006, its listing on the stock market gave Vetoquinol the credibility and resources to become one of the world's leading animal health companies.
Its success is clear, with sales growing by 50% between 2017 and 2022.

Today, Vetoquinol is focusing on companion animals and livestock in three major regions of the world (Europe, the Americas and Asia-Pacific) with the ambition of continuing to grow while remaining a family-owned, independent, and socially responsible company.

Its objective is to build a sustainable future by limiting its environmental footprint to pursue its mission: “To enrich the lives of People through dedication to animal health and welfare”.

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