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A strategy to meet the needs of its customers.
Vetoquinol is an independent, international animal health company that has made the strategic choice since 2012 to focus on global products that meet the main needs of its customers: veterinarians, breeders, and pet owners. This focused strategy has resulted in a portfolio of "Essential" products. Vetoquinol's R&D and marketing efforts are mainly dedicated to the development of this portfolio through the launch of new products and the life cycle management of products already on the market.

What is an "Essential" product?
As the name suggests, it is a range of key products that meet the most common needs of the company's customers in the strategic countries where it operates. Vetoquinol offers veterinarians, breeders, and pet owners a comprehensive offer s, including diagnostic aids, medicines and complementary services. Launched in 2012, the development of the "Essentials" product portfolio includes, in 2023 around 50 products covering 3 species and 4 strategic segments in 24 countries. They represent more than 56% of the company's overall activity and are the driving force behind Vetoquinol's development dynamics.

Serving a “One health” approach
At least 60% of infectious human diseases, such as Covid-19, originate from animals. Health crises draws attention to the need for a "One Health" approach, which promotes an integrated, systemic and unified approach to human, animal and environmental health. The well-being and health of humans and animals is at the core of Vetoquinol's business. This is the raison d'être of the "Essentials" product portfolio, which covers most of the needs of veterinarians. These products have a proven or potential international outreach, and are leaders, or have the potential to become leaders, in their therapeutic areas, in which Vetoquinol has recognized expertise.

Essential products in France
The Essential products portfolio is the most developed in France, the company's historical and original location. These Essential products are available in other European countries and other strategic territories through Marketing Authorizations obtained from local authorities such as the EMA in Europe or the FDA in the United States.

Vetoquinol products
In France, many Vetoquinol products are among the leaders in their markets, both among medicinal products (Tolfine®, Clavaseptin®, Drontal®, UpCard®, Propalin® and Profender®) and non-medicinal products (Flexadin®, Zylkène®, Sonotix® and Calf Lyte®). The recent launch of Felpreva® is an additional example of Vetoquinol's dynamism and development strategy.