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Vetoquinol, the trusted partner

For over 90 years, the company has been a key player in animal health. Today, it is one of the world's top 10 veterinary pharmaceutical companies. Since its creation in 1933, Vetoquinol has worked alongside veterinarians, breeders, pet owners and experts, devoting its efforts to the well-being and improvement of animal health.

Today, the company offers a wide range of solutions for pets and livestock and focuses on four segments: antiparasitic, dermatology, mobility, and dairy cows.

Vetoquinol, an agile company that listens to its customers

Vetoquinol creates, develops, manufactures, and markets solutions designed from medicinal and non-medicinal products. The veterinary profession is changing rapidly, and Vetoquinol offers its customers customized solutions that include pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products, diagnostics, digital applications and services for the well-being and health of animals. Vetoquinol offers a website entirely dedicated to pet owners:, which is also present in 12 countries where the company is established.

Research & Development for animals

R&D at Vetoquinol involves more than 150 people worldwide, from the medical research division to the clinical tests division. There are still many medical areas to explore for a population of animals that are living longer and developing more chronic diseases. These are the challenges for our R&D teams.

Animal welfare at the heart of the company's "raison d'être"

Animal welfare refers to "the quality of life as experienced by an animal". It is defined as, inter alia, freedom from pain, injury, diseases, and the need for healthcare. Assessing the level of welfare of an animal requires a combination of knowledge, experience, empathy, and sensitivity. These elements characterize the way in which Vetoquinol intends to play a role in society beyond its economic activity.

Dedicated to animal health - Dédiés à la santé animale

Vetoquinol's mission

Vetoquinol's mission is "To enrich the lives of People through dedication to animal health and welfare" Vetoquinol thus contributes indirectly to human health and well-being, because human health cannot be treated without considering animal health and vice versa.

Health crises remind us of the importance of being part of the "One Health" initiative, which promotes an integrated, systemic, and unified approach to human, animal, and environmental health.