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Vetoquinol is proud to announce the pre-launch of Zylkene® Plus, a veterinary health product that promotes calm and relaxed behaviour in pets during stressful periods such as when the pet’s routine or living environment is altered. Zylkene® Plus is a new addition to Vetoquinol’s Zylkene® product line. Zylkene® Plus is now available from all buying groups.

Zylkene® Plus introduces a new formula combining two natural active ingredients with relaxing properties, alpha-casozepine and white fish muscle hydrolysate.

Today, behavioural problems are among the most common concerns of veterinary clients. In most moderate cases, veterinary health products formulated with natural active ingredients can be helpful by providing an effective solution in times of stress.

“Zylkene® and Zylkene® Plus allow veterinarians to offer a tailored approach to the animal’s situation. This product line has a calming effect on pets and helps mitigate mild to moderate behavioural problems,” according to Dr. Audrey Davies, Technical Services Team Lead and Veterinary Advisor to Marketing at Vetoquinol Canada.