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HYPEROX® consists of a blend of peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, acetic acid and surfactant in a long lasting stabilized aqueous solution.


HYPEROX® has a broad spectrum biocidal activity and is non-tainting, does not leave residues after application and degrades to acetic acid, oxygen and water, each of which presents low environmental hazards.


Available in 2 practical formats : 5 L and 20 L format.

Features and benefits

HYPEROX® is a germicide indicated for disinfection of surfaces and equipments. For routine disinfection of hard non-porous surfaces like floors, walls, concrete, plastic, stainless steel, glass, enameled surfaces, tile and any other hard non-porous surfaces which are not harmed by water.  It may be used as a spray through pressure washers or spraying apparatus, in wheel or foot dips, or as a mist.  


► Low application rate

► Stabilized formulation
► Exceptionally effective at low temperatures (4°C)
► Non-tainting
► Readily biodegradable within the environment

Directions for use

For routine disinfection of non-porous surfaces such as floors, walls, cement, plastic, stainless steel, glass, enameled surfaces, tiles and all other non-porous hard surfaces that cannot be damaged by water.


► Farm premises: 4 ml /L
► Food-processing plants: 8 ml /L
► Disinfection of equipment: 8 ml /L
► Disinfection of foot and wheel dips: 8 ml /L
► Disinfection of water systems: 8 ml /L
► Disinfection by fogging: 100 ml /L