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A less stressed, more focused horse!

Adopting Zylkene® Equine means opting for a soothing natural nutritional supplement for horses, with no sedative effect.


► Product derived from a natural milk protein with soothing properties.

► Can be used on an ad hoc basis before a stressful situation for the horse or on a regular basis to deal with behavioral problems.

► Highly palatable powder with apple flavor. To be administered once a day to the horse, available in packs.



Each pack of Zylkene® Equine contains 2000 mg of tryptic alpha-S1 casein in an apple flavored powder.

Method of administration

Oral route. Mix the contents of the pack(s) of Zylkene® Equine with a small amount of food, once a day.

► Horse weight less than 500 kg: half to 1 pack of Zylkène® Equine, once a day

► Horse weight over 500kg: 1 to 2 packs of Zylkène® Equine, once a day